We can offer our Festival or Garden Golf Course installations depending on your requirements, with optional fencing and decor.

Festival Course

Our Festival Course is our signature golf course and has featured at the biggest UK music festivals and public events. With our clubhouse caddy shack, white picket fencing and quirky festival decor, this is our biggest and most eye catching crazy golf course. Featuring the largest portable obstacles (perhaps in the whole world!) this course is big, bright and beautiful!  

Garden Golf

Our Garden Golf courses were newly launched in Spring 2021, following the Covid-19 pandemic. In uncertain times we new people would be looking for fun, at home activities for the whole family. With either 4 or 9 holes available, these are smaller and simpler courses for private hire. Without all the extras of the Festival Course but still with our signature quirky details. 

Clubhouse Caddyshack

Our Clubhouse Caddyshack cabin is where we can supply patrons and clients with putters, balls and scorecards. Typically used in conjunction with our Festival Course the Clubhouse is fitted with solar panels to power our internal lights and music.

White Picket Booth

Our White Picket Booth can be used on locations where the Caddyshack just isn’t an option. Whether it’s an office party or a lawn without vehicular access, the Picket Booth offers an excellent alternative and looks fantastic teamed with our white picket fencing.